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SKU: C72513031082801011
Rating: Teen+
Cover A: Mirka Andolfo
UPC: 725130310828 01011
Cover B: Jay Anacleto
UPC: 725130310828 01021
Cover C: Joseph Michael Linsner
UPC: 725130310828 01031
Cover D: Erica D'Urso
UPC: 725130310828 01041
Cover E: Tabitha Lyons Cosplay
UPC: 725130310828 01051
Cover F: Blank Authentix
UPC: 725130310828 01061
Writer: Mirka Andolfo
Artist: Guiseppe Cafaro
Genre: Sword and Sorcery
Publication Date: September 2021
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32
ON SALE DATE: 9/1/2021
MOTHER, PART ONE. Industry icon MIRKA ANDOLFO presents an all-new vision for the She-Devil With A Sword, in a thrilling new ongoing series! Our story begins in a village on fire, set by members of the dreaded Three-Eyed Shezem. When Red Sonja arrives, the only survivor of the flame is a lively child with curious white tattoos. The child will become Sonja's travel companion, on a journey from hardened ice to imposing forests, where dangerous secrets wait to be revealed...
Begin a trailblazing adventure with MIRKA ANDOLFO (Unnatural, Mercy) and incredible artist GIUSEPPE CAFARO (Suicide Squad)!
Neapolitan artist and writer, Mirka Andolfo is one of the most complete and eclectic Italian creators in the international field. Her Mercy series was published almost simultaneously in Italy (November 2019, Panini Comics), France (January 2020, Editions Glenat) and United States (March 2020, Image Comics).
Her ControNatura (Panini Comics) is one of the most successful Italian series of the last few years. Published in the USA by Image Comics under the title Unnatural, it's a best-selling hit with several reprints already.
Andolfo has been collaborating with DC Comics since 2015, having lent her pencils to such titles as Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Bombshells, Teen Titans, Green Arrow, R.W.B.Y. and Hex Wives.
Also as an artist, she's drawn comics for Dynamite and Aspen, as well as some short stories for Vertigo and DC's Young Animal, and she's working on covers for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Valiant, BOOM! Studios, Aspen, Zenescope.

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