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SKU: C72513034662902011
Rating: Teen
Cover A: Soo Lee
UPC: 72513034662902011
Cover B: Ted Brandt & Ro Stein
UPC: 72513034662902021
Cover C: Lesley "Leirix" Li
UPC: 72513034662902031
Cover D: Rebeca Puebla
UPC: 72513034662902041
Cover E: Edwin Galmon
UPC: 72513034662902051
Cover F: Soo Lee FOIL
UPC: 72513034662902061
Cover G: Soo Lee FOIL VIRGIN
UPC: 72513034662902071
Writer: Soo Lee
Artist: Domenico Carbone
Genre: Adventure
Publication Date: August, 2024
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32
ON SALE DATE: 8/7/2024
As a member of Thundera's ruling class, Cheetara was early on betrothed to a suiter appropriate to her station. There was no love in the match, but she understood the value of a suitable companion. Now, as she meets another potential partner, that person is on her mind - something that could get very complicated, given that her latent psychic abilities are just beginning to emerge!
Comics powerhouse SOO LEE and rising star artist DOMENICO CARBONE delve ever deeper into Thundera's rich history - and the saga of one of its greatest champions - with ThunderCats: Cheetara #2, featuring iconic cover art from LEE, LESLEY "LEIRIX" LI, REBECA PUEBLA, and EDWIN GALMON!

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