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SKU: C72513026335307011
Rating: Mature
Cover A: Butcher Billy
UPC: 725130263353 07011
Cover B: Hayden Sherman
UPC: 725130263353 07021
Cover C: Daniel HDR
UPC: 725130263353 07031
Cover D: Giovanni Timpano
UPC: 725130263353 07041
Cover E Subscription: Kenan Yarar
UPC: 725130263353 07051
Writer: Mike Carey
Art: Kenan Yarar
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure
Publication Date: June 2018
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages
ON SALE DATE: 6/13/2018
Barbarella is lost in a maze of Radically Unstable Space-Time, with Pulver Glain, his boys, and his smarter-than-smart gun Sally-Anne hot on her trail. But what's at the heart of the maze is a threat - and a miracle - that none of them are ready for.

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