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SKU: C72513033282002011
Rating: Teen+
Cover A: Lucio Parrillo
UPC: 72513033282002011
Cover B: Celina
UPC: 72513033282002021
Cover C: Ken Haeser
UPC: 72513033282002031
Cover D: Jay Anacleto
UPC: 72513033282002041
Cover E: Cosplay / Rachel Hollon
UPC: 72513033282002051
Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Christian Rosado
Genre: Horror
Publication Date: September, 2023
Format: Comic Book
ON SALE DATE: 9/13/2023
THE FINAL ACT OF CHRISTOPHER PRIEST'S EPIC VAMPIRELLA SAGA KICKS INTO HIGH GEAR! After being told that her baby had died at birth, Vampirella discovers her son is actually alive but has been stolen by a nihilist cult who believe the newborn to be a carrier of "The Dracula Virus." Meanwhile, the Lord of Vampires himself seeks out the help of Victory, Vampirella's former lover, as he remains several frustrating steps behind Vampi while she hunts down the cultists. The angry new mother will stop at nothing to get her son back - and wreak terrible vengeance on those who took him!

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