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SKU: C72513031626402011
Rating: Teen+
Cover A: Collette Turner
UPC: 725130316264 02011
Cover B: Rose Besch
UPC: 725130316264 02021
Cover C: Guillem March
UPC: 725130316264 02031
Cover D: Rafael Kayanan
UPC: 725130316264 02041
Cover E: Cosplay (Panda Valentine)
UPC: 725130316264 02051
Writer: Christoper Priest
Artist: Michael Sta. Maria
Genre: Horror, Action/Adventure
Publication Date: March 2022
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32
ON SALE DATE: 03/09/2022
Draculina's secret origin begins in an ancient tower more than four centuries ago where her mother Lilith, desperate to free her people from ruthless oppressors, made a deal with the demon Belial to bear his children. Now, as Katie-Draculina's human alter-ego-lays dying, the mystery of Draculina's two lives is revealed as two sides of the same woman struggle for control. Meanwhile Belial, now retired from the demon business, has been alerted to Draculina's presence in this prime reality, and seeks to regain control over his rebellious stepchild.

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