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SKU: C1948206528
Cover: Glenn Thomas
ISBN: 978-1-948206-52-5
Rating: Ages 3 to 8
Writer: Darren Farrel
Artist: Glenn Thomas
Genre: Picture Book
Publication Date: September, 2023
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 32
ON SALE DATE: 9/6/2023
Snow Boy is the charming story of friendship, community, and how a snow person finds a family. What happens to a snow person after the child who made them goes inside? Are they sad? Are they lonely? Do they miss the child's friendship? Perhaps they want to keep playing. What if the snow person happens to peek inside? Will they see a happy family gathering for dinner, or reading a bedtime story in front of the fire? Who is a snow person's family?
Snow Boy answers those questions as our hero, Snow Boy, heads off in search of where he truly belongs. Where is Snow Boy's family? With the squirrels? No. With the beavers? Nope. With the big brown bears? Certainly not!
Who can Snow Boy snuggle with? Who will take him in? How will Snow Boy find his perfect family? Find out, as the entire forest community bands together to find the perfect solution!

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