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Source: Hollywood Reporter | Categories: Star Wars

The moment, revealed at the film's premiere, comes after filmmaker J.J. Abrams hinted at an LGBTQ scene or character in the film.


Following hints from J.J. Abrams that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker would include an LGBTQ moment or character, the film's premiere on Monday revealed the scene to which the director was referring. In a celebration sequence in the film, two female members of the Resistance share an exuberant kiss during the joyful moment. They are minor characters and not heavily featured in the film.

During his press tour for The Rise of Skywalker, Abrams noted to Variety, "In the case of the LGBTQ community, it was important to me that people who go to see this movie feel that they’re being represented in the film."

At the same time, Abrams offered a reality check to fans who were hoping that Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and Finn (John Boyega) would eventually become romantic. Fans began to envision the two together starting with with 2015's The Force Awakens, but Abrams said their relationship was always platonic. (via THR)
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Source: Marvel | Categories: X-Men

From the New Mutants to Generation X, discovering you’re a mutant in the Marvel Universe has never been easy, and in the wake of Krakoa, it’s going to be harder than ever! While the X-Men reintegrate into society after the fall of their mutant nation, mutants around the world still need protection, community, and guidance. In Eve L. Ewing and Carmen Carnero’s EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN, a group of young mutants will luckily be trained by two of the greatest teachers in X-Men history—Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost! Today, fans can see all of the covers for the debut issue! Among the new covers are exciting shots of the core cast by acclaimed artists Joelle Jones, Elizabeth Torque, and Rose Besch; the first in a series of character spotlights by Luciano Vecchio; and a stunning Foil Variant Cover by Ejiwa “Edge” Ebenebe. Also available is the final part of Scott Koblish’s epic Wraparound Connecting Variant Cover, a Godzilla Variant Cover by Leinil Francis Yu, and a logo variant cover. EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN will be the final flagship X-Title to launch in the upcoming From the Ashes era. The series will introduce three all-new mutants who turn to Kitty and Emma for help with their emerging gifts: the metallic and whip-wielding Bronze, the emotion-stirring Axo, and the stealth-skilled fighter Melee! Under Kitty and Emma’s tutelage, they’ll learn not just how to survive—but to thrive! But Kitty and Emma haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, and they’ll also have lessons to teach each other, as they take up the call once more—for the children! On what makes the book “exceptional,” Ewing said, “Well, those who know that I was a poet long before becoming a comics creator will appreciate that EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN, in a world full of X-adjectives, simply sounds really good. But right now, they are exceptional in that they don't carry a lot of the same history on their shoulders as the main characters in our other titles. For better or worse, they have no ties to Krakoa or broader team politics or the previous era of mutantdom. They’re just a group of awkward kids in the Midwest trying to figure out their abilities, like generations of young mutants before them.” Check out all the covers and preorder EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN #1 at your local comic shop!

Check out every 'Exceptional X-Men' #1 coversCheck out every 'Exceptional X-Men' #1 coverCheck out every 'Exceptional X-Men' #1 coverCheck out every 'Exceptional X-Men' #1 coversCheck out every 'Exceptional X-Men' #1 coverCheck out every 'Exceptional X-Men' #1 coverCheck out every 'Exceptional X-Men' #1 coverCheck out every 'Exceptional X-Men' #1 cover

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Almost exactly a year ago, one of the biggest stories in Army of Darkness lore was announced. Visionary comics creator Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs, Local Man) has been crafting for a year the long-awaited direct sequel to creator Sam Raimi's original vision for the ending of the final film starring Ash. Now it's all coming up on its finale, and it had to be bigger, better, and gorier than ever!

Army of Darkness Forever #13 ups the ante with 40 action-packed pages of the trademark horror-comedy mayhem that fans have loved for over three decades. Originally the series was slated to be shorter, then was officially announced as extended to 12 issues thanks to the support of fans. But the full scope of the story could not be contained within those bounds, or even a regular sized extra issue. Hence the oversized dose of all-out carnage in this lucky thirteenth chapter!

Writer Tony Fleecs is joined by a trio of incredible artists to chronicle the absolute chaos and Deadite slaughter within the special release's splatter-ific pages. Those three contributing their unhinged artwork include Eamon Winkle, Kewber Baal, and Pop Mahn.

They're joined by crazed covers by series stalwarts Arthur Suydam, Bjorn Barends, Chris Burnham, and Tony Fleecs himself. Each cover underlines the bloody finale and is a can't miss for every horror fiend's collection.

The series has been juggling three distinct timelines, the S-Mart aisles of 1993, the middle ages mayhem of Castle Kandar, and the mysterious neon-soaked vistas of 2093 overrun with the Army of Darkness. With the latter picking up immediately after the alternate, but originally intended shock ending of the film. They all converge and come to a close in this issue, which very well could be the true finale for the story of Ashley Williams! The whole creative team is putting the "grand" in grand-guignol, giving this iconic character the heroic sendoff he deserves!

ARMY OF DARKNESS FOREVER #13 is solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ August 2024 Previews catalog, the premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market and slated for release in October 2024. Comic book fans are encouraged to preorder copies of the issue with their local comic book retailers. It will also be available for individual customers to purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more!

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Deadpool & Wolverine' Unveils Lady Deadpool's Full Look and Dafne Keen's Return in Final Trailer: The 'Logan' Reunion Fans Have Waited For Is Here

Marvel Studios’ final trailer for “Deadpool & Wolverine” has let two of the movie’s big surprises out of the bag. One is that Lady Deadpool will be popping up alongside many other variants of the Merc with the Mouth. Various teasers for the Marvel tentpole had tipped off Lady Deadpool’s arrival, but this final trailer unveils the character in all her glory for the first time. Now fans will have to speculate which actor is under the mask (Blake Lively? Taylor Swift?). The bigger reveal in the final “Deadpool & Wolverine” trailer is the appearance of Dafne Keen, who memorably played the child mutant X-23 opposite Hugh Jackman in 2017’s “Logan.” That film was supposed to be Jackman’s final outing as his iconic X-Men character, that is until he agreed to play Wolverine once again in the new “Deadpool” movie. Jackman has stressed that he’s playing a different iteration of Wolverine and not the one who died in “Logan,” so it was anyone’s guess if Keen would actually appear in the new film. “Deadpool & Wolverine” opens in theaters July 26. (via Variety)


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Source: Deadline | Categories: Marvel

Li Jun Li

Li Jun Li (Wu Assassins) is set as a series regular opposite Nicolas Cage in Spider-Noir, the upcoming MGM+ and Prime Video live-action series based on the Marvel comic Spider-Man Noir. From executive producers/co-showrunners Oren Uziel and Steve Lightfoot and Sony Pictures Television, Spider-Noir tells the story of an aging and down-on-his-luck private investigator (Cage) in 1930s New York who is forced to grapple with his past life as the city’s one and only superhero. Li will play a singer at the premier nightclub in New York. In addition to Cage, she joins previously cast Lamorne Morris as Robbie Robertson. (via Deadline)

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Source: Dynamite | Categories: Powerpuff Girls

Dynamite and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products are excited to announce more sugar and spice coming this October for The Powerpuff Girls fans, announced today just in time for San Diego Comic-Con.

In addition to an upcoming special, the ongoing series of The Powerpuff Girls jumps into its second phase with a brand new writer. Multiple Eisner Award-nominated scribe Kelly Thompson tackled the first trio of tantalizing tales for the series. She was joined by artists Paulina Ganucheau, Karen S. Darboe, and Miriana Puglia on each issue, respectively. Now for issue #4, Thompson hands off the baton to her own Powerpuff Girls collaborator, as Paulina Ganucheau takes on writing the next three issues.

"It would be an understatement to say how beyond honored I am to be taking up the helm on one of the greatest properties ever and to follow in the comics footsteps of the great Kelly Thompson," said writer Paulina Ganucheau. "I am so excited, and as a lifelong fan I will be putting my best foot forward with these three issues. Now, if only I could go back in time and tell my 10-year-old self that she'd one day be writing The Powerpuff Girls comics, she would shoot through the roof!"

For this issue, Ganucheau focuses on writing and is paired with artist Silvia De Ventura for the next three chapters. This marks the first transition establishing the series as switching off to a different, fresh female writer after every three issues. Fans can stay tuned each quarter when the next big name will bring their scripts to the series for their take on the beloved trio of pint-sized superheroines.

On the story side, The Powerpuff Girls #4 brings the fabled sugar, spice (and Chemical X!) to the forefront for a charity bake sale competition hosted by Ms. Bellum and the Mayor. Beating up monsters and foiling bank heists is plenty of fun, but Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup may have never faced a challenge quite like baking! Even though this tale features an unexpected challenge, that doesn't mean it's without a villain, as the girls will be facing off with Princess Morbucks in the bake sale showdown.

Ganucheau contributes a cover herself, continuing her run of them on the series to date. She's joined by the returning Nicoletta Baldari, and newcomers Kenya Danino and Pasquale Qualano.

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS #4 will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ August 2024 Previews catalog, the premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market, and slated for release in October 2024. Comic book fans are encouraged to preorder copies of the book with their local comic book retailers. It will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more!

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Source: Dynamite | Categories: Karma

After the overwhelming success of the debut graphic novel, Dynamite Entertainment and Dan Wickline are pleased to welcome readers back to the erotic adventures of Karma. And like the first time, it will feature stunning covers by superstar artists Stjepan Sejic and Mirka Andolfo!

Karma Volume 2 is available now on BackerKit! It is also part of the platform's ComicTopia program, celebrating countless creators and publishers aligning to debut their projects and support each other and the community.

This all-new 120-page graphic novel continues the story of newfound love and what happens as life starts changing around you. Writer Dan Wickline (Grimm Fairy Tales, The Freeze) pulls inspiration from his own experiences as a professional photographer to continue this provocative drama. He's joined by the beautiful stylings of artist Carlos Reno, who stunned fans with his work on the first volume.

While the first graphic novel introduced us to the stunningly beautiful Karma, a supermodel looking to expand her brand, and Alex, a professional photographer that specializes in product advertising, and showed us how they came together, that is only the beginning. Now the two have to turn that magical spark into a relationship in the midst of things changing all around them. Alex is gutted when the magazine he works for is bought out, but finds himself being pulled into a completely different direction. Meanwhile, Karma has to deal with someone close to her possibly leaving. And all of this gets upended even more when a child actor turned pop icon gets involved in their lives. Can this brand-new relationship survive all of this outside pressure?

This new volume deals with the real pressures dealt with in a relationship, and the will to endure while growing together. It also includes the wild, erotic adventures that Karma finds herself in, from a BDSM shoot, to a wild industry party, to an intimate and sexy trip to get ice cream. The passion and adventure that drew these to together gets ramped up even higher in this new story.

“While I wrote this second volume months ago, seeing the growing relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce has a lot of parallels here with Karma and Alex,” said writer Dan Wickline. “Two people coming together is a very intimate and personal thing, but once the rest of the world finds out, a whole new kind of pressure gets added and we get to see how the new couple will handle it. Hopefully as well as Tayor and Travis seem to be.”

Karma continues the ongoing legacy of erotic comics and graphic novels, such as cover artist Stjepan Šejic's own Sunstone, the heralded Eros Comix, and creators like Wally Wood, Frank Thorne, and many others. The raunchy subject matter will also be familiar for fans of Dynamite's Bettie Page comics and other titles.

The romantic epic is available with three covers for fans to choose from, including erotic comics superstars Stjepan Šejic (Sunstone, Witchblade, Aquaman), Mirka Andolfo (Unnatural, Sweet Paprika), and Michael DiPascale, whose cover is also available in a limited mature nude version.

There are additional fun bonus pledge options on the campaign for collectors to check out, options for retailers, and more.

Readers can reserve their copies of the book here now!

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Source: Dynamite | Categories: Barbarella

The scintillating siren of the spaceways is back, as Barbarella saunters her way into new comic book adventures this October from a talented creative pairing of writer Blake Northcott and artist Anna Morozova. Announced for San Diego Comic-Con, this series will precede an upcoming blockbuster film in development.

The series finds Barbs fresh off from saving the universe (again), and cherishing a little rest and relaxation with her unique alien pet companion Vix. This is Barbarella after all though, and she's about to discover that not all pleasure planets are created equal. In fact, some are downright unreal!

Meanwhile, all the way across the galaxy, there is something off about Earth's oldest and most venerable colony. Altogether, Barbarella's uniquely well-rounded skills will be in dire need across the cosmos, and she's sure to run into all manner of unscrupulous figures along the way!

Writer Blake Northcott takes the helm in guiding the escapades of one of the most historic comics heroines, following her work on titles like Catwoman, Vampirella, Fathom, and her own creations in comics and prose. Her dance partner for this ball of a project is rising artist Anna Morozova, a phenom with a smooth, effortless style perfect for gliding Barbarella across the panels. She's contributed to 2000 AD, including stories featuring Judge Dredd, but this will be her first major spotlight for many American readers. It's fitting for her to bring another classic European comics character for her breakout.

"There are only a handful of sci-fi/fantasy characters who have endured for decades, and Barbarella is right at the top of the list, alongside Leia, Ripley, and Sarah Connor," said writer Blake Northcott. "Telling one of her stories is the opportunity of a lifetime — how could I say no to that?"

In the new tales from Northcott and Morozova, Barbarella will visit a number of new planets that have never been explored before. She's going to be getting up to more planet-hopping than readers have ever seen in previous adventures. Along the way she will meet both new characters as well as returning favorites for diehard fans, especially those familiar with the classic film, and the recently introduced Vix.

On that note, a major emphasis for Northcott in approaching the character is in honoring the character's original creator and those who preceded her, and respecting the fans. While she has her own inventive style, she sought out to mirror some of the tone of the 1960s original comics by Jean-Claude Forest and the film. Instilling the stories with funny, sexy, and wild elements, but balancing it all to not be over-the-top and dismissive of real stakes.

Morozova's slick interior artwork is topped off with a choice of four covers for fans. Joseph Michael Linsner, Annie Wu, and Richard Pace all contribute, and cosplayer Rachel Hollon portrays the beloved character as well.

BARBARELLA #1 is solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ August 2024 Previews catalog, the premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market, and slated for release in October 2024. Comic book fans are encouraged to preorder copies of the issue with their local comic book retailers. It will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more!

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L-R Patrick Gibson as Dexter Morgan in Dexter: Original Sin, streaming on Paramount+, 2024. Photo Credit: Myrna Suarez/Paramount+ with Showtime

Paramount+ with Showtime has released first-look images for the “Dexter” prequel series, “Dexter: Original Sin.” Set 15 years before the events of “Dexter,” the 10-episode thriller stars Christian Slater as Harry Morgan, Patrick Gibson as Dexter Morgan and Molly Brown as Debra Morgan. The official synopsis reads: “Set in 1991 Miami, ‘Dexter: Original Sin’ follows Dexter (Gibson) as he transitions from student to avenging serial killer. When his bloodthirsty urges can’t be ignored any longer, Dexter must learn to channel his inner darkness. With the guidance of his father, Harry (Slater), he adopts a Code designed to help him find and kill people who deserve to be eliminated from society without getting on law enforcements’ radar. This is a particular challenge for young Dexter as he begins a forensics internship at the Miami Metro Police Department.” (via Variety)

See the first-look images below:

07/18/24 @ 10:31 am EST
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Trailer #2 for 'Beetlejuice Beetlejuice' Sequel Featuring Keaton & Ryder

"The living. The dead. Can they co-exist?" Warner Bros has revealed the second full trailer for the legacy sequel Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, reuniting mastermind filmmaker Tim Burton with actor Michael Keaton for a long-awaited follow-up 36 years later. The first Beetlejuice movie opened in 1988 (right before Burton's Batman in 1989) and ended up becoming a cult hit. The sequel continues the story with the very same family. Still haunted by Beetlejuice, Lydia Deetz's life is turned upside down when her rebellious teenage daughter, Astrid, discovers the peculiar model of the town in the attic and the portal to the Afterlife is accidentally opened (once again). Michael Keaton returns as the miscreant Betelgeuse and Winona Ryder back as Lydia, joined by Jenna Ortega as Astrid, Catherine O'Hara, Monica Bellucci, Justin Theroux, Arthur Conti, Burn Gorman, and Filipe Cates; plus Willem Dafoe as a ghost detective who, in his life, was a B movie action star. This new trailer is a good mix of footage, kooky shenanigans, ghosts, and "WTF" moments. (via


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Source: Deadline | Categories: MIsc

Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens (Abigail, Downton Abbey) has been tapped as the lead and executive producer on the third installment of AMC Networks’ The Terror horror anthology, Devil in Silver. Written by Chris Cantwell (Halt and Catch Fire) and author Victor LaValle, on whose novel the season is based, The Terror: Devil in Silver tells the story of Pepper (Stevens), a working-class moving man who, through a combination of bad luck and a bad temper, finds himself wrongfully committed to New Hyde Psychiatric Hospital – an institution filled with the people society would rather forget. There, he must contend with patients who work against him, doctors who harbor grim secrets, and perhaps even the very Devil himself. As Pepper navigates a hellscape where nothing is as it seems, he finds that the only path to freedom is to face down the entity which thrives on the suffering within New Hyde’s walls – but doing so may prove that the worst demons of all live inside him. The new installment will premiere on AMC and AMC+ in 2025. (via Deadline)

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