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A Writer’s Commentary: Max Marks talks Wolfcop #1, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover by Thomas Hodge and interiors by Arcana Studios.



Like most people who’ve seen WolfCop possibly hundreds of times, I’ve always agreed with the notion that the movie really comes into its own when Willie and Lou are riding side by side like this. When doing a cold open into the WolfCop universe, I really couldn’t imagine a better way than the two of them going down the road, Lou drinking, and Willie cursing and raving. It’s just the buddy duo vibe they’ve got in a nutshell.The Wolf Cruiser – WolfCop’s car – fits great into this medium, I think. It’s like the Batmobile if the guy who designed it was drunk and had to make it out of a cop car in an afternoon, and I feel like it’s become a character all on its own.


Writing in Willie’s voice is probably one of the most natural things a guy can do. The way that he talks in the film is infectious, especially if you’ve had the opportunity to hear Jonathan Cherry doing it off camera. And it’s a good thing, too, since both Lou and WolfCop aren’t really heavy talkers. Like in the movie, Willie fills the air most of the time and just compounds Lou’s headaches when he’s not cheerleading him in Wolf form.If you’re a fan of the movie and want to know how or why Willie is back, the answer is never made clearly in this issue… Though you will get answers eventually in the WolfCop mythos.


Probably the best shot of the Wolf Cruiser in the comics. It’s funny that I consider it such a core part of his character, but the first thing I opted to do was essentially kill it in the middle of the road. Frankly you shouldn’t be surprised that a car whose design is mostly comprised of being half torn apart would break down a lot.



And of course, when things go wrong, Lou’s solution is always to drink more. A lot more helpful when he’s WolfCop.This page is pretty much the beginning and end of the explanation you’ll have for why WolfCop and Willie are fleeing Woodhaven. The end of the film might give you a few ideas on how things could end up this way.Of course, even when he’s fleeing the law, Lou Garou wears his cop uniform and drives around in that car. He’s not really the planning type.


And right into the action. The way I always described the outskirts of Woodhaven was equal parts Canadian prairies and Mad Max. If you’ve ever been out to Saskatchewan, you’d notice that there isn’t a huge difference between the two. Just a lot more sky and a lot fewer bands of marauding motorcycle gangs. I mean, they exist, but they’re not so aggressive.This character is named Stitch-Eye. I think it’s pretty obvious why. If he talks kind of weird, it’s because I’ve heavily based the way he talks on people I had run ins with working security around Vancouver’s downtown east side. You won’t find a Hell’s Angel talking this way, but you’ll find lots of people who want you to believe that they’re friends with Hell’s Angels talking this way. Getting creative with ways to call a cop a pig is a big one. And, of course, that plays out pretty well with the overall theme in this one.


Say what you want about Lou’s alcoholism and apathy, he’s got a sense of justice. He just decides to use it at the worst possible times.Drinking and driving is fine, but if he sees what looks like two damsels in distress, he has no problem trying to go Harry Callahan on an armed gang. And of course he gets his ass kicked. Without the moon helping him out, he’s just a drunk cop with a superhuman sense of smell.The digital watch was a new addition. Not a lot of people wear those these days, of course, but Woodhaven always had an early 90s to late 80s retro-contemporary feel to it. And of course, if you’re waiting to literally rip out of your skin, maybe you shouldn’t count on grabbing your smartphone to check in.


There are lots of ways to make werewolves transform. Lycan fans all have their own preferences, whether it’s the clean hulk-out style, ones with held back body horror and stomach shifting, vague shadows under the full moon… Or just lots of grossness.Of course, we all know Lowell’s vision with WolfCop was heavy on the gross transformations, and there’s no way I could deny fans that. And it begins with some blood and vomit…



WolfCop’s first official appearance in comic form. You do not want this guy riding shotgun with you if he’s not your friend.I like how this turned out especially because of the way WolfCop seems a lot more like just a mad werewolf than a cop in this page. You mostly just see fangs and claws. It’s a common theme for WolfCop that post-transformation he can get a lot more violent. Wouldn’t you, if you’d just torn your way out of your skin and nobody’s even offered you a drink yet?

PAGES 9-10:

Now this is WolfCop! A lot of influence from the barn battle scene in the movie, which is in my opinion hands down WolfCop’s best scene. Some people prefer either his initial transformation scene or the jailhouse sex scene. All three are excellent choices, but I’m just really into when WolfCop is being WolfCop. This is him in his element. Full moon overhead, shrugging off gunfire, and tearing apart lawbreakers in full fury. These are the moments when Lou Garou is ready to let out all that anger he’s been repressing with alcohol for the last thirty-odd years.

PAGE 11:

Stitch-Eye’s got a big gun. If you google “Nitro Express revolver” you’ll understand why. The kind of gun that could conceivably stop a WolfCop. Or a dinosaur. I don’t know why this gun exists in real life. It legitimately looks like a weapon designed for fighting fictional monsters.And Lou Garou gets his sweet revenge. Someone bites his hand and makes him drop his gun, and he bites it right off.You do not want to mess with the WolfCop. No big gun will change that.

PAGE 12:

And the gag has come off for Willie, completing the team! He’s twice as necessary when Lou’s wolfed out like this. WolfCop doesn’t generally string together more than two or three words at a time, and when he does, it’s usually to make some kind of quick pun or demand.One of my regrets in this comic was how few women were in it in general, as these two are the only ones who ever make an appearance in it. I really liked how Jenny (that’s the blonde’s name) turned out with her design and I’m hoping we’ll see her again later.

PAGE 13-14:

This girl, on the other hand, we’ll probably never see again.Though if you ask me, that’s the most rational human response to seeing a werewolf eviscerate a gang of bikers. I wouldn’t care who he was saving me from. I’d want to get as far away as possible.And we’ve got our first appearance for Pigskin. This is what I’d really consider my first big original contribution to the WolfCop mythos. Everything you’ve seen so far is sort of me going off of the world Lowell created and drawing from the best parts of the film. You’ll see nothing like Pigskin in the film. But he’s still got a real grindhouse villain quality to him. He’s the first sign of the expanded world WolfCop is walking into. And you can tell he’s a lot more comfortable with this world than WolfCop is.I kind of regret nobody ever called him by his name in-comic. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of puns (they’re the DNA of all other jokes, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise) and Pigskin works on so many levels.


PAGE 15:

Pigskin’s creepy henchmen, the Butcher Boys, were all made with one basic premise in mind: What weapons did WolfCop not go up against in the film that I really, really wanted to see a werewolf cop fighting? The obvious answer was chainsaws and flamethrowers. The fact that these are also very useful makeshift tools for preparing cannibalistic feasts was just a happy coincidence.On a note about the cannibalism, this was originally conceived in late 2014, a time when you might recall cannibalism was in basically every headline. I don’t know why 2014 was such a big year for cannibalism. But it’s definitely a mainstay for B-movies, and it’s welcome as all hell into the WolfCop universe.

PAGE 16:

People wanting to eat WolfCop is kind of a running theme. In the film, it was his blood. Here, it’s his flesh. Sooner or later, someone’s going to want to grind his bones to make their bread.Willie’s back riding shotgun with WolfCop here, and we’re well into the night, which is WolfCop’s best element.And here we’ve got WolfCop riding a motorcycle while chugging bourbon from a bottle. Gratuitous? Absolutely. Is that a bad thing? I will fight to the death defending the premise that it is not.

PAGE 17:

I always like views of WolfCop with the moon at his back like in this top panel. Things like this are why I’m so glad this character was brought into comics.And here we see WolfCop’s always effective master plan: Chug as much alcohol as possible before charging into combat!It’s actually not a bad plan. Alcohol is to WolfCop like spinach is to Popeye. It’s the secret sauce that makes him stronger than the average werewolf.Even if it wasn’t. I have a feeling Lou would be drinking roughly as much, though.


PAGE 18:

WolfCop with an M60. It had to happen. Even if just for one page.

PAGE 19:

And there’s the nitro pistol in action. Enough to stop a crazed cannibal in his tracks. The lack of a massive exit wound from such a big bullet is intentional, of course. Knocking him down is the best it can do.I’m always happy with the shots of Wolfcop firing into the panel. Werewolf with a gun is just one of the best ways to describe WolfCop.

PAGE 20-21:

And the butcher boys in action!Chainsaws are just such a great piece in anything b-horror, slasher, or monster related. Allan delivered the perfect scenario I’d had in my head here, of WolfCop grappling with one chainsaw while enduring another. If I had to pick a favorite panel in this whole book, it’s this.And Willie actually fires a gun! Which he never actually does in the film, in spite of owning the local gun shop. It just was never really necessary. But we’ve always envisioned him as that perfect redneck sidekick who may be a bit of a coward but is willing to lend a hand when lending a hand means sneaking up on a guy with a shotgun.

PAGE 22:

WolfCop is better when he’s on fire. Just saying. This is one of those visuals we’d never get in a 2 million dollar movie but we all desperately want to see from a character like WolfCop. The fanboy in me just went nuts when I saw these pages.

PAGE 23:

And Pigskin is standing up again. And holding that nitro bullet just so you understand what it means that it didn’t get all the way through him. As if the beatdown he gives WolfCop in the next panel didn’t get that message across.WolfCop’s a tricky character in that, in the world he’s been presented in so far, he’s more or less invincible outside of specific circumstances. I was of the opinion we needed to move away from that. We didn’t want fans to feel comfortable that, given enough moonlight and alcohol, WolfCop would always be safe. So seeing someone just completely wreck him in fisticuffs is the best way to get that settled.WolfCop’s strong, and he’s tough… But I think that what gets him by the most in a fight is his instinct. That might sound a bit weird and vague, but I think it comes across in all of his depictions to date.


PAGE 24:

This transformation was 100% everything I’d hoped it would be. Coming apart at the seems, like he was wearing that bloated body as a costume. Nice similarity as well as contrast with WolfCop’s transformations.In the WolfCop universe, a clean transformation is always unlikely.

PAGE 25:

So, people ask me, why a pig? Well, you can count on WolfCop to lay out the obvious pun there.The design here is a bit reminiscent of some of Gannon’s transformations in the Legend of Zelda series. As an avid gamer I’d be lying if I said there was no influence there. A lot of it comes from my love of Dungeons and Dragons, too. The Wereboar was always a weird monster to me, and one that didn’t get used much. Plenty of people think being part wolf or part tiget is cool. But part boar? I don’t know anyone who would volunteer for that.

PAGE 26:

And this is what I mean by instinct. He’s gutted, about to be eaten… And gun goes in the nostril!A few fellow Canadians have asked me if the burnt toast line was in any way inspired by a certain Canadian heritage minutes video you can find kicking around the web still, and I can neither confirm or deny. Well, I can confirm that there’s definitely something there. Canadian audiences are always so well-attuned to even the most obscure culture references.

PAGE 27:

And they all lived happily ever after!Sort of. WolfCop never really gets to rest, and things only get bloodier and more harrowing for him. But at least he did some good along the way. His car’s still broken down and Willie’s the only one he can rely on, but I felt this ending was enough that even if this was the only one we ever did, it was a great little walk through the potential world of WolfCop.

Thankfully, we’ve got more on the way!
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Dynamite's delightful deluge of hotly anticipated Disney comic books continues this March with a reprint of the highly sought after first self-titled Darkwing Duck comic with a special facsimile edition.

Featuring the writing and art of John Blair Moore, alongside inker George Wildman, colorist Carl Gafford, and legendary letterer Gaspar Saladino, this release originally came out in 1991. Disney Darkwing Duck #1 was released as part of the then Disney Comics dedicated publishing outfit that launched in 1990.

Darkwing Duck is the terror that flaps in the night — and he’s working overtime to keep the city of St. Canard safe! But if there’s one thing Drake Mallard wants, it’s to face off against a really big villain. Enter Taurus Bulba, an oversized criminal who’s planning to steal the mysterious weapon called the Ramrod from a heavily armed train. Darkwing has one chance to foil Bulba’s plans — and whether his new pal, Launchpad McQuack, will be a help or a hindrance is anyone’s guess.

Now over 30 years later, fans of all ages can get their hands on this hard to track down comic! Like countless other comics featuring the timeless characters and stories from the Disney library, collectors all around the world are after this beloved series. Dynamite is excited to give the chance for it to make its way into the collections of those who have been searching for years, and young fans who have never experienced the adventures of Drake Mallard before.

Cartoonist John Blair Moore was perhaps best known for his prolific contributions to the Disney library, across both the US Disney Comics line and Danish publisher Egmont which handled the massively popular Disney comics stories across Europe.

Read More Here

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Dynamite is excited to announce another exciting collaboration with cosplayer, host, and writer Ani-Mia! Following a special crowdfunded Vampirella variant cover, and her writing contributions to Bettie Page, Mia is back channeling the She-Devil With a Sword! Red Sonja: Pearls Before Swine is a prestige project featuring the legendary sword and sorcery heroine, available now exclusively on Indiegogo!

"Red Sonja was a wild adventure not only for the character but also for myself as a writer," said Ani-Mia. "After writing Bettie Page, getting the chance to create a story with such a powerful and commanding female lead was honestly empowering. Red Sonja holds nothing back and doesn't care about pleasantries. She's that inner warrior we all have inside, just waiting to burst out and mess some $*&% up."

Red Sonja just wanted to take a breather between her perilous adventures. The Hyrkanian heroine has been up the snow covered mountains, through the wind-swept valleys, across scorched deserts, and felled an endless number of foes of man and beast. Even the hardest working adventurers deserve some rest and recuperation. No chance for that though in the life of Red Sonja!

She discovers a band of soldiers, most dead the rest quickly bleeding out. They tell her of a fabled vicious mermaid that watches over a captivating and valuable pearl. With the promise of gold and glory, Sonja sets out to take on this foe - and this isn't any bright cartoony mermaid! Will she be able to survive this deadly underwater battle? And could there be more to the pearl than its shiny visage lets on?

Mia's writing is complemented by the art of Igor Lima (Pantha), colorist Adriano Augusto, and letterer Carlos M. Mangual. Of ...

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This Friday, December 23, 2022 at 7PM EST/4PM PST, the Original Art Experience Show hosted by Nick Barrucci will be featuring a diverse range of original comic book artwork for sale and auction, with all proceeds from select pieces going to benefit comic store Fat Jack's Comicrypt of Philadelphia, which is in need of assistance.

Fat Jack's Comicrypt is coming up on nearly 50 years of continuous business, ranking as one of the country's oldest and most celebrated direct market comic book stores. Owner Mike Ferrero grew up reading and collecting comics, buying doubles to keep top condition copies and for trading, which was fortuitous as he began a journey that as a collector he never imagined he would take. Later he was able to start one of the first direct market comic stores in the country when the first brick and mortar location for Fat Jack's opened in 1976 at 20th and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia's historic Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. Over its history, Fat Jack's has expanded, moved, and even gotten into distribution for periods, at one time boasting five locations. Today the two storefronts are located in Philadelphia on Sansom Street and in Oaklyn, New Jersey.

A who's who of industry luminaries on and behind the printed page have frequented the store such as Matt Wagner (Batman, Grendel), Bill Willingham (Fables), Michael Avon Oeming (Powers), Shelly Bond (Vertigo, Black Crown), Diana Schutz (Dark Horse), Bob Schreck (DC Comics, Dark Horse), and Dynamite Entertainment and Dynamic Forces owner Nick Barrucci, among others. Many major names have come through the store for signings and events as well.

Fat Jack's can use the help of fans and those in the industry, as the staff have set up a GoFundMe ...

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Dynamite is excited to announce the hotly anticipated third and final book in the Red Rising: Sons of Ares graphic novel series from New York Times bestselling author Pierce Brown, coming out this March.

A prequel to the smash hit Red Rising novel series, Pierce Brown's graphic novel trilogy comes to an epic finale with Forbidden Song. The Sons of Ares saga is an indispensable cog in the grand machine of Brown's storytelling. Volume three, Forbidden Song, is co-written by Rik Hoskin (Star Wars, Brandon Sanderson's White Sand) and drawn by Kewber Baal (Red Sonja).

On the new volume, writer Pierce Brown shared, “All rebellions mythologize their beginnings. The French stormed the Bastille. The Americans tossed their tea. The Reds of Mars have their very own god of war in Ares. While the first two volumes of the Sons of Ares trilogy explored the genesis and evolution of Fitchner au Barca into the rebel leader who would lead the revolt against the color-coded Society that rules from Mercury to Pluto, the third and final installment in the trilogy focuses on the first great act of rebellion. Finally, the Rising explodes out from the shadows into the light of day."

"That is why I am so excited for fans to return to this series and dive into its third installment. As Fitchner’s actions begin to shake the foundations of his civilization, he’ll come closer to the halls power where fan-favorite heroes and villains will obstruct his path or join his cause. The new volume offers fresh opportunities to explore unseen facets of the Red Rising world while supplying enough twists and turns to make Fitchner and his friends piss their gravity boots. I can’t wait for readers to go along for the ride."

The ...

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Just when fans thought it was safe to return to the comic shop... the grossest of crossovers continues! Everyone's freaky favorites, Cloudco's Madballs and Topps' Garbage Pail Kids, are back for their next bout to determine the ultimate winner starting February 2023 in Time Again, Slime Again!

The critically-acclaimed creative team from the first series is back for this rematch full of slime, sludge, and worse! Writer Sholly Fisch (Superman, Scooby-Doo) brings his all-ages expertise to these beloved franchises originating in the 1980s and enjoyed by all generations. Interior artist Jason Crosby returns with his celebrated take on these awesome characters.

"We're absolutely upping the ante in the second series — by carrying the feud through time and space!," said writer Sholly Fisch. "Ever wonder what these guys would be like as cavepeople? Or pirates on the high seas? Or 1950s drag racers? Here’s your chance to find out."

Artist Jason Crosby added, "I’ll also be doing my best to add more snot, louder explosions, and an overall irreverence to the proud medium of comic making."

This time around, the chaos simply cannot be confined to a single neighborhood, as the crew traces the entire history of the infamous feud as it oozes across the ages! The first issue jumps all the way back to the dawn of time — chronicling the initial one-upmanship of the Cro-Madballs and Neanderthal Pail Kids.

This is no ordinary comic, and each issue comes packed with stories, puzzles, and activity pages that invite kids to dumpster-dive in and get their hands dirty as they play alongside their favorite creepy characters. Cloudco's Madballs and Topps' Garbage Pail Kids will continue to enthrall readers of all ...

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This Friday, December 2nd 2022 at 7PM EST/4PM PST, the Original Art Experience Show hosted by Nick Barrucci will pay tribute to legendary comic creator George Perez with a night featuring original art and three custom shirts hand-made by Carol Flynn, George’s wife. The proceeds from the shirts will go to Carol while part of the proceeds of key pieces of the art sold during the show will be donated to Tower Cancer Research Foundation and Lustgarten Foundation: Pancreatic Cancer Research in George Perez’s name.

On June 9th, 1954, George was born in the South Bronx, the son of Puerto Rican immigrants. He broke into the industry as an assistant to Rich Buckler and made his debut with Marvel on Astonishing Tales #25 in 1974. He would co-create the first Puerto Rican superhero White Tiger with writer Bill Mantlo before rising to prominence while working on Avengers and Fantastic Four. In 1980 he would jump to DC Comics and team with Marv Wolfman on New Teen Titans as well as work on Justice League and the industry changing maxi-series Crisis on Infinite Earths. He then went on to a celebrated run as writer and artist on Wonder Woman. In his 45-year career, he was known for detailed and realistic rendering, and his ability to draw complex crowd scenes. George was respected by his peers and adored by fans the world over. George passed away in May of this year due to complications from pancreatic cancer.

During his career, George could be seen often on the convention circuit wearing bright and colorful button-down shirts featuring various animated characters and other designs. One of his most notable was a ...

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Superstar creator Stjepan Šejic's characters Ally and Lisa from the smash hit mature romance comic book series Sunstone make their way into the third dimension for the first time, as Šejic and Top Cow team up with Dynamite to offer a stunning statue available to order now on Kickstarter!

For this first ever statue of the central protagonists, it was vital for Stjepan Šejic to be involved in each step along the way as the creative force. He oversaw the overall design, every paint color, each eyelash and strand of hair. The highly detailed piece stands at 11.75 inches total, with two nearly 10 inch tall figures and a 5.25 inch base. Each piece is hand painted.

Few creators are so heralded both within comics and beyond as Stjepan Šejic. From his jaw-dropping artwork on major titles like Harleen, Aquaman, and Suicide Squad, to his extensive viral fan art pieces, fans of all types are obsessed with his luscious style that straddles photorealism with genre elements. Yet in addition to all that, Šejic may be most celebrated for his independent creation Sunstone. The title has been a trailblazer in bringing the mature romance genre to mainstream comics, following a legacy of most of that material existing somewhat "underground." An LGBT romantic comedy story with BDSM elements, Sunstone has been met with incredible sales, critical acclaim, a legion of fans, and spinoffs and titles inspired in its wake.

At the heart of Sunstone stands Ally and Lisa, the fan-favorite couple that started this still running and evolving franchise. Lisa is an aspiring writer with submissive kinks but limited experience exploring them. Ally is a successful programmer with a dominant side. The two cross paths online when Ally discovers Lisa's erotic ...
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Dynamite is excited to announce a new collectible trading card series based on the 1980s toy sensation, Boglins® shipping in February for fans!

The famous creatures are exiting the swamp and invading the collections of fans once more with their first-ever official trading cards set. Creator Tim Clarke debuted a line of brand new toys last year, reviving the beloved franchise. Now Dynamite and Clarke are working hand in hand to develop a fun-filled throwback trading cards set to deliver rare artwork, unique photography, and rare chase cards to everyone's Boglins® collection.

Boglins® Trading Cards Series One is an amazing walk down the bog of yesteryear combined with beautiful photography of some of the rarest Boglins® ever seen. This unique series is stuffed with wonderful Boglins® trivia, stories, and secrets from the creators themselves. Packed into this 120 card set are subsets to collect and amazing sights from the Bog that have been buried for decades.

The full set features 120 unique base cards, 9 Foil Card chase cards and 9 Old-Fashioned Card Stock chase cards! A random chase card is guaranteed one in every pack! Plus Box Topper Incentive Cards, one of six special behind the scenes production model cards and one hand-drawn full color sketch card guaranteed in every box! Boglins® fans can now collect trading cards representing their favorite characters and much more from this comprehensive collection of art and design that was taken straight from the Boglins® Studios archives. And some of the pledge levels include limited edition Boglins® toys with collector pins & exclusive trading cards!

Boglins® are a series of toy puppets co-created by Tim Clarke, Maureen Trotto, and Larry Mass and distributed by Mattel starting in 1987 and now available by TriAction Toys. They were released ...

11/17/22 @ 12:14 pm EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite Supercade: A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1985-2001: 9781737983811: Burnham, Van: Books

Today videogames are arguably one of the dominant forms of media and art, with the global industry generating nearly $200 billion in sales each year. Younger and older people of all backgrounds are playing games of diverse types and on countless platforms. Videogames have gone through many evolutions to get to this point, and Dynamite Entertainment is proud to present the all-new coffee table book Supercade: A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1985-2001 to cover one of the most pivotal eras in their story. This hotly anticipated tome is an insightful and indispensable read for gamers of all ages, releasing in February.

Writer and curator Van Burnham has lovingly crafted this 500-plus page tribute to everyone's favorite games and hardware of the time period, with high quality screenshots and photographs joined by research and commentary on the significance of each entry to the industry at large and those gamers who played them. This book follows a previous volume covering the time span of 1971-1984. That era was the initial explosion of the medium, especially in the homes of families with releases from Atari and others. But due to various complicated factors, the industry infamously crashed around 1983. This new release covers the era many today will be most familiar and nostalgic about.

When asked about the inspiration for the book, Burnham said, “After the original Supercade was released, I was asked by readers and game fans when I’d do a sequel and I honestly didn’t feel it was important until now. The next generation of gamers have since come of age, raised in the aftermath of the crash, and over the past two decades they’ve expressed a passion for ...

11/17/22 @ 11:49 am EST
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Dynamite Entertainment is working with CGC Comics to arrange for an exclusive Signature Series graded option for the upcoming Darkwing Duck #1 1:250 Retailer Incentive cover signed by writer Amanda Deibert (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, DC Super Hero Girls). Retailers are able to order this ultra-rare variant based on orders placed through Final Order Cutoff. This variant features art by George Kambadais (Gargoyles).

Each signed copy of this ultra-limited edition of Disney's Darkwing Duck #1 will ship with a CGC Certificate of Authenticity that allows buyers to have their copies graded and returned with a yellow CGC SIGNATURE SERIES LABEL. Any fees associated with grading remains the responsibility of the customer.

CGC will have an authorized witness at the signing with Deibert, and to further protect the authenticity and security of each signature, advanced measures have been taken so the COA cannot be replicated.

If the retailer or a customer wish you have the book graded, in order to receive a Signature Series grade the following instructions MUST be followed:

Become a CGC member if you are currently not.

Email the Signature Series team that you will be submitting your signed Darkwing Duck #1 1:250 Retailer Incentive with COA to CGC. They will supply you with a simple form to fill out.

Get your copy or copies ready for shipment. IMPORTANT: keep the COA and Darkwing Duck #1 submitted for signing together. The COA MUST be present to receive a CGC Signature Series grade. Don’t forget to add the form from the Signature Series team!

On the outside of your shipping box put the initials A D on all sides.

Ship directly to the Signature Series team’s attention.

ATTN: Signature Series
5501 Communications Parkway
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