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10/31/14 @ 9:07 pm EST
Source: Bleeding Cool | Categories: Doc Savage

In December Dynamite has a new Doc Savage Special coming out written by David Walker. Byron Brewer caught up with the writer to talk about the special and the Woman of Bronze.

BYRON BREWER: Doc Savage is all over the place these days, David. Tell us a little about how this “special” came about.

David Walker: When Dynamite first acquired the rights to Doc Savage, I asked them if they had any plans for Pat Savage. They told me that Pat was going play a significant role in Chris Roberson’s run, but they hoped to do more with her in the future. I asked that they keep me in mind. Clearly, they kept me in mind.

BB: As I understand it, Pat Savage, Doc’s cousin, is the star here. How did Pat get the spotlight?

David Walker: Pat got the spotlight because she deserves the spotlight. She was first introduced in 1934—that makes her older than Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, or just about any other female hero. But with only a few exceptions, Pat has never had the spotlight. I’ve wanted to see a really fun solo adventure for Pat Savage since I was a kid.

BB: Doc has been working in all time periods. Where are we in time with Pat?

David Walker: This story is set in the 1930s. I wanted Pat to be fairly young, and still in a place where Doc doesn’t take her very seriously. Chris Roberson did a great job of making Pat a much more viable and active member of the team. He did what I would’ve done, had I been writing a Doc Savage story. But since this is a Pat story, I decided to set it at a time when her role wasn’t clearly defined. I also like the fact that during this time period, women were expected to be either the damsel in distress, the love interest, or the femme fatale, and Pat is none of these.

BB: Tell us a little about your perceptions of Pat as a character. She has been around quite awhile.

David Walker: I fell in love with Pat Savage when I was about 10-years-old, right when I started reading Doc Savage books. She seemed like the coolest character ever, and I actually started writing and drawing my own Pat Savage comic. Somewhere, I still have a picture I drew of her. When I got older, and reread some of those adventures, I realized that Pat was never fully utilized as well as she could’ve been. Those stories were written in the 1930s and 40s, and with only one or two exceptions, Pat never really got to prove herself. She would be present, but somewhat marginalized. She wasn’t the superhero I had remembered her being when I was a kid. I wanted the opportunity to have her become a bit more of a badass.

BB: Will we see Doc and the boys in this special at all?David Walker: Doc makes a brief appearance, but I made a conscious decision not to have him be an active part of the action. A huge part of the story is Pat proving that she’s capable of doing anything Doc or the Fantastic Five can do, but there’s no way she could do that with them present. Instead, I introduced two sidekicks for Pat to have—and I think these two, who happen to be cousins as well, will say something special about Pat and the company she keeps.

BB: Can you give us any inkling of the big bad here?

David Walker: Like I said, this story takes place in the 1930s. The bad guys are Japanese spies, who have a small army of ninjas at their disposal. Seriously. Because of the era, I wrestled with having her go up against Nazis, and in an early draft of the story, the villains were very much sinister Nazis right out of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” I wanted to try something different, and at that time in history, Japan had invaded China and Hong Kong, which gave me an excuse to bring in ninjas.

BB: Why is artist Kewber Baal right for this book?

David Walker: First of all, Kewber does great action sequences. There’s also a moody intensity to his non-action sequences. That combination plays well to the story, because it is a combination of action, as well as being a very emotional journey for Pat. It was really important for me that we have an artist that didn’t draw Pat like a sex object. She needs to be a badass. Everything I’ve seen of Kewber’s other work tells me he’s the right person for the job.

BB: More and more these days, we are seeing strong females becoming leads in comics. Would you write a Pat Savage comic should the opportunity present itself?

David Walker: Is that a trick question? Of course I would. I introduced two supporting characters, just in case Dynamite ever asked me to do another Pat Savage story. I’d like to give her a team of her own, which would be very different from Doc’s team. But also I’d like to give readers a positive female hero to inspire them. I think it is important for all readers to see strong representations of women. I also think the comic industry as a whole needs to recognize that there are a lot of girls and women who read comics, and then cater to that market, without pandering. Not every girl wants to be a princess or have a pet pony—some want to go on adventures, blow things up, and kick a bunch of butt.

05/19/22 @ 9:36 pm EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite

The Boys are back in town, with the third season of the smash hit Prime show debuting June 3, and a colossal deal available right now on digital comics and tons of extras with Humble Bundle!

The bundle will only be available for a limited time, so check it out!

At a whopping 96% savings on over 300 issues worth of comics across over 50 titles, this is a can't miss deal for any The Boys and comics fans to lock in. The entire run of The Boys, including the recently released sequel/prequel Dear Becky is included at an incredible price. Then there's a whole near-endless stack of extras starring some of Dynamite's other biggest stars like Vampirella, Red Sonja, Dejah Thoris, and more.

Not only is this bundle an unparalleled deal on digital comics, but it's also in support of a great cause. Dynamite and Humble Bundle are working with World Central Kitchen to contribute a portion of the proceeds from this promotion. WCK is a non-profit organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters or crises, such as the conflicts happening in Ukraine right now, among other areas across the world.

With Humble Bundle's flexible tiers system on their deals, readers can pick among four options to best fit their budget, interests, and charity contribution. With the first one starting as low as a dollar and still providing nearly 600 pages of great comics, and the top tier offering 15 ...

05/19/22 @ 1:24 pm EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite

Once upon a time... every hero has journeys that you wouldn't expect, in far away lands, facing fearsome monsters, being manipulated by envious queens, or stalked through the woods by hungry wolves. This August Dynamite debuts three special one-shots, as their three biggest characters are put in the shoes of classic fables.

Red Sonja stumbles upon a mysterious giant bean stalk, suddenly sprouted from the Earth via magical beans. Atop the imposing climb resides some captivating treasure - oh, and also a giant craving human flesh and bones. The She-Devil With a Sword has never turned down a battle like this before, so readers shouldn't expect anything less than thrilling action as she overcomes her latest foe. Writer Jordan Clark (Samurai Sonja, Aquaman) spins this yarn.

Mirror, mirror, who is the fairest of them all? On the planet Barsoom, that would be the one and only Dejah Thoris. Which means the envious queen has struck the Princess of Mars out into the wilderness. Only to make countless friends and allies in her exile, unlike any she'd seen before. Her time will come to return to the queen and lay claim to her rightful throne. Ron Marz (Silver Surfer, Green Lantern) returns to the Warlord of Mars mythos following his celebrated 2014 take.

Last but certainly not least, Vampirella gets an extra accessory for her iconic costume, as she rocks a famous red hooded cape. With story by Soo Lee, Vampirella is off to deliver wine and cake to her beloved grandmother. A horrid, fanged beast stalks the woods, hunting easy ...

05/19/22 @ 10:40 am EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite

Lady Hel rises in her first solo series spotlight this summer to heat up comic store shelves and collector's hands in a thrilling story from the world of Chaos!

The mysterious Lady Hel is the ultimate personification of death itself. Or well... she was. After messing with the half demon, half vampiress Purgatori, her authority and powers were stripped away by Purgi. Now deposed, Lady Hel must find a way to claw her way back to her rightful throne, by any means necessary.

While Lady Hel attempts to conquer this quest, with barely a scratch of her former powerful abilities, her enigmatic opposite in Lady Demon can't be far behind. In this tale of horrific gods and monsters, there is bound to be plenty of clashes between them, and fans won't want to miss this ripping and tearing action!

Fan-favorite writer Erik Burnham, beloved for his work on franchises like Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more, returns to Chaos! following his contributions in the bestselling Red Sonja: Age of Chaos!. He's joined by rising star Kazakhstani artist Zhengis Tasbolatov. Their story also follows loosely in the threads of Vampirella vs. Purgatori, one of the last major chapters in the Chaos! crew's history, but fans can jump right into this first issue!

"I was intrigued by Lady Hel during the little bit I got to use her in the Red Sonja: Age of Chaos mini, she seemed like a character that would fit well into a story with tropes from across mythology, which is one of the kinds of stories I love to tell," said writer Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters, Red Sonja). "Turns out that that was exactly the case, and between that and the place ...

04/22/22 @ 9:40 am EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment announces the release of the hotly anticipated original graphic novel Thunderous is available for readers to reserve now on Indiegogo.

Aiyana is an indigenous teen from South Dakota with a life like any other, but all of her understandings of the world around her are flipped upside down when she journeys to a special world. She will meet new friends and foes, and learn to embrace her family's proud heritage.

Thunderous is co-written by the acclaimed duo of M.L. Smoker and Natalie Peeterse, both acclaimed poets, writers and figures in the Native American community. Alongside interior artist Dale Deforest and cover artist Oriol Vidal, the creative team has crafted a memorable coming of age tale that will appeal to all kinds of readers.

“The importance of new narratives that are formed from the creativity, resilience and power of Native American communities are necessary to correct the pervasive and damaging stereotypes, misconceptions and ideas that exist in this country about us,” said Smoker. “I hope this is a story that resonates for many children, but, in particular that some Native youth will see themselves reflected in literature and believe they can be their own authors, painters, musicians, and creators in the future. Because representation matters.”

The 100-plus page graphic novel is the kickoff of the ongoing partnership between Dynamite and Curiosity Ink Media, in producing a range of original and licensed stories with diverse perspectives, creative talent, and range of audiences.

Readers and parents can get the new graphic novel now on Indiegogo for a limited time.

04/21/22 @ 9:54 am EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite

Dynamite announces a historic summer crossover of epic proportions, as two beloved brands smash together in all their gross-out glory in Madballs™ vs. Garbage Pail Kids!

The two legendary franchises have been captivating audiences young and old for over three decades, co-ruling a corner of counterculture with their pun-heavy names, subversive humor, and inventive art and design. Now, as part of an exciting merchandising blitz, Dynamite is proud to publish an ambitious comic book series showing just how these misfits might get along – or destroy everything around them!

The story is written by Sholly Fisch, experienced across a deep bibliography with franchises like Superman, Star Wars, Scooby-Doo, Mighty Mouse, and Looney Tunes. His award-nominated work has always balanced appealing to all ages and seamlessly adapting franchises with passionate fanbases. Though, he holds his tongue on spoiling which side might win in this battle.

"Let's just say that, no matter which side you're on, you'll find stuff to make you laugh. And, if you're not careful, you may get splattered with slime or toxic waste, too," said writer Sholly Fisch.

Fisch is joined by artist, Jason Crosby, known for drawing the Garbage Pail Kids already for Topps' latest trading card and sketch card sets. Now, he's dove headfirst into research to equally hone his Madballs.

"I try to have my work full of energy, movement, and splattered goop, so honestly, drawing these two franchises is right up my alley," said artist Jason Crosby. "My work isn't subtle, and I hope it explodes off the page."

In addition to Jason's action and gross-packed artwork in the story, the comic series will feature collectible variant covers by him and others. A project like this would be incomplete without the contributions of legendary GPK artist, Joe ...

04/19/22 @ 2:09 pm EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite

The legendary title Savage Tales returns this July to heat up the summer with a special anthology with stunning artwork and stories. Across four stories, readers will get to hang with their favorites Red Sonja and Vampirella as written by Scott Brian Wilson, as well as classics Allan Quatermain and Captain Gullivar Jones by David Avallone.

Red Sonja's "The Executioner's Sword" features the art of Al Barrionuevo (Batman Gotham Knights, Storm), as the She-Devil deals with a horrific mix of magic and swordcraft.

"Missionaries of Madness" starring Alan Quatermain with art by Will Rio pits the legendary hunter against a cult worshipping Cthulhu. Equipped with just a rifle, can Quatermain stand against the dread of the Great Old Ones?

The stories starring Vampirella and Captain Gullivar Jones are drawn by two up and coming artists from the legendary Kubert School. Founded by the innovative Joe Kubert, known for his acclaimed war, superhero, drama, and autobiographical comics, the prestigious institution offers students an unparalled education in cartooning and graphic art.

Vampirella stars in the comically titled "Horrible People Doing Horrible Things To Horrible People" for a Warren era styled morality tale. Kubert School artist Mariano Benitez Chapo is excited to take on this classicly styled story.

Captain Gullivar Jones is drawn by Kubie Hamish Cook, in "His War." Taking place years after his adventure on Mars, Jones finds himself amidst a new darker war that may just lead to his redemption.

The legacy of Savage Tales and other anthology mags in its vein rests just as much on standout covers. Arthur Suydam depicts Vampirella in an homage and now companion to his cover starring Red Sonja for Dynamite's ...

04/19/22 @ 1:56 pm EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite

Some of Dynamite's earliest hit comics star the one and only Ash Williams of Army of Darkness and Dr. Herbert West of Reanimator - and now they're going toe to toe once more for a summer blockbuster by Erik Burnham and Eman Casallos! Their first bestselling and out of print crossover is going back to press and shelves in time for the new story.

An archaeological dig unexpectedly unveils an important artifact from the world of Army of Darkness. Great find! The problem is that it ends up in the absolute worst hands possible - the mad, truly mad Dr. Herbert West. Which means the world must turn to its reluctant hero once more - Ashley Joanna Williams.

"This opportunity not only came out of the blue, it came together fast - and I couldn't be more excited," said writer Erik Burnham. "Army of Darkness has always had that perfect mix of horror and humor, which makes it a very fun sandbox to play in. And it's great to be working with Eman Casallos again - he's really bringing some of the weirder elements of this story to life. All in all, it's been a blast, and I can't wait to share it with folks!"

More than 15 years after their last tangling, Dynamite is upping the ante in the new series. The original crossover was written by James Kuhoric and drawn by star Sanford Greene (Bitter Root, Power Man and Iron Fist). After two miniseries kicked off the Army of Darkness comics - and Dynamite's comics as a whole - Ash and Dr. West opened up the ...

04/19/22 @ 10:42 am EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite

Dynamite is excited to announce an upcoming new title, The Scarlet Sisters, starring the trio of Masquerade, the Woman in Red, and Lady Satan as you’ve never seen before. The story is written by Alex Segura (Archie, Secret Identity) and drawn by Emiliana Pinna (Immortal Red Sonja).

This deadly trio of heroines bring their own special brand of vigilantism in addition to their captivating red threads. Together they will dish out justice in a tale steeped in noir tradition, a genre not unfamiliar to acclaimed author Alex Segura. His recently released novel Secret Identity, which blends mystery with fictional tales of the comic book industry, has been met with rave reviews. Segura also has plenty of experience in the comics world himself, as the writer on hit stories like Archie Meets the Ramones and The Black Ghost.

Previous iterations of the Scarlet Sisters featured Masquerade as a socialite on vacation, with a last minute need for a masquerade ball costume. She doesn't heed the warning by the shop keeper that the costume she's picked out is possessed by the spirit of justice. When the spirit prods her into action, it turns out she likes this whole crimefighting deal.

The Woman in Red made history in 1940, as the first masked female crime fighter in the burgeoning comic book medium. By day she is police detective Peggy Allen, already pushing boundaries. Yet she is constantly frustrated with criminals escaping justice, and seeks to take matters into her own hands.

Lady Satan has been perhaps the most mysterious of the three. What is known is that she was a young woman with a bright future ahead with a dashing fiancé. All of that was ripped away from her with a ...

03/14/22 @ 3:19 pm EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite

Dynamite is proud to announce its first licensed children's book in collaboration with partner Curiosity Ink Media, based on hit animated preschool series, PAW Patrol, airing on Nickelodeon and produced by Spin Master Entertainment.

The new softcover activity book titled PAWsome PUPpets! is the perfect book for young fans of the heroic pack of rescue pups to have fun with their own arts and crafts alongside parents or friends.

Across 48 full color pages with clear photographs and illustrations, readers will learn how to create their own PAW Patrol "PUPpets" with step by step instructions to guide them through the "paws on" process. The puppets are created using age-appropriate and easily accessible materials and tools, requiring only limited help from adults. There are 12 total designs included, so kids can make all their favorite characters.

PAW Patrol: PAWsome PUPpets! also includes a bonus chapter with tips on how to use the created puppets for fun performances, how to build a simple puppet theater, and even mini-scripts that even the youngest Paw Patrol fans can act out.

To help create the puppets, the book comes with punch-outs of the signature characters' facial features and accessories, as well as templates for tracing - helping kids of all ages bring their favorites to life.

PAW Patrol: PAWsome PUPpets! is part of the ongoing partnership between Dynamite Entertainment and Curiosity Ink Media in bringing both beloved licensed properties and exciting brand new stories to readers of all ages.
03/14/22 @ 2:59 pm EST
Source: Dynamite | Categories: Dynamite

Get to know the Vamp, as the sensual pulp variant of the Daughter of Drakulon stars in a new one-shot this June.

Writers Tom Sniegoski, Jeannine Acheson, and artist Daniel Maine expanded the multiversal web of Vampirella in their hit event series Vampiverse this past year. Fans of the most beloved vampiress in comics got to meet countless alternate universe and timeline iterations of their favorite. A couple really stood out amongst the rest though, and The Vamp kicks off the first full spotlight.

The Vamp is a mysterious crime fighter in a 1930s pulp world. Now her full origin will be revealed. Where did she come from? As well as how she established her reputation and became the scourge of all things evil. Even in this world, the infamous Cult of Chaos exists, and she may even have a surprising connection to them...

Writer Jeannine Acheson shared, "The Vamp was definitely one of the characters that stood out to us as we wrote the Vampiverse mini-series. She was one of the more 'fleshed-out' Vampirellas -- taking on a life of her own as soon as she appeared -- so Tom and I are really excited to re-visit her in this issue!"

"I'm a huge fan of the pulps (The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider) and getting a chance to write a Vampirella with that kind of crazy, over-the-top storytelling is something that I can't wait to do," said writer Tom Sniegoski. "There's even a talking orangutan butler, for Pete's sake!"

The same fan-favorite creative team returns, and invites fans to join them this summer for a titanic tale of terror, action, and adventure that will both further ...

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