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In this exciting new entry in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, readers will explore the history alluded to in the prologue of The Great Hunt and discover the momentous events that led the young hero Rand al'Thor and his compatriots to seek out the Horn of Valere!
In Chapter 2, "The Flame of Tar Valon," Rand and his mentor Lan train in Fal Dara with a mysterious heron-marked sword - a weapon whose shadowy origins raise questions about Rand's own heritage. But even as the Dark One steps up his search for the reborn Dragon, Rand faces a different challenge in the form of two thousand Children of the Light approaching Fal Dara. What will the young hero do against the fiery might of The White Tower? And what will happen if the Dark One's Forces find him first? Grab this issue of The Wheel of Time: The Great Hunt from writer RIK HOSKIN and artist MARCIO ABREU and find out!
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